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AI-based urine analysis displays real-time health on Apple Watch

Israeli medical device start-up Olive Diagnostics is launching Olive WatchOS, its new Apple Watch app which brings AI-based urine analysis results to smart watches. The app is connected to Olive’s KG, the world’s first hands-free, non-invasive, AI-based optical device for 100% passive and seamless urinalysis, which can be used from the comfort of any home or clinic. The AI will add the measurement of molecules, biomarkers in urine that are relevant to more than 600 conditions.

Olive WatchOS app connects to its AI-based real-time urine analysis device that mounts to any toilet.

KG draws its analysis from molecules such as protein, ketone, creatinine, as well as red blood cells, and other urine characteristics such as volume, pressure, color, and frequency. With its integration into the Apple ecosystem, the company ensures the more pervasive and easier to consume use of the data collected, demonstrated in a user-friendly application. The app is available to registered caregivers that have been trained to deploy Olive’s KG.

Olive Diagnostics product image

As the app seamlessly connects with the device, it pulls through the diagnostics taken by the Olive KG and displays it on the Olive WatchOS app. The app then provides a health score based on the urinalysis. The Olive WatchOS is free for individual use. Additionally, as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, caregivers can download the service to accurately read the measurements of urinalyses of multiple users of the KG device, with the subscription starting at just €10 per month. The Olive WatchOS app was developed by Supercharge, the Digital Innovation and (health) Application experts.

Using a Bluetooth feature that was first enabled in WatchOS8, the KG device automatically connects to an Apple Watch as a person approaches the toilet where it is fitted. The medical practitioner can then view directly on their terminal the volume urinated and benchmark this to the user’s previous urinalysis data or a recorded medical average. All data analysis in the cloud is subject to privacy protection based on GDPR and HIPPA standards.

“Olive Diagnostics enables quick and early detection of conditions and diseases that could negatively impact the health of a person and place an unnecessary load on healthcare professionals,” said Guy Goldman, CEO of Olive Diagnostics. “We are now taking this a step further and simplifying how the how users interact with the toilet mounted sensor, and receive data relevant to them, as well as their care givers.”

Goldman concluded: “Future applications for the effective use of this data by medical practitioners working in conjunction with those under their care are endless. We are looking forward to working with caregivers in this industry to see how we can take further steps to automate the collection of this new data source”.

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