MDI Partners

The Ready Group, established in 2007, is a leading R&D firm in Israel. It provides complete development services in both hardware and software, from architecture to final product, under a flexible partnership model.

With its 200 experts, Ready Group, as a strategic R&D partner for Fortune 500 companies and startups alike, enables next-generation technologies and products for multinational corporations around the world and in Israel.

Ready Group provides R&D 360. Among our specialties are FPGA/ASIC design from architecture to manufacturing, Verification, Back-end/Layout, and Validation, Firmware, Embedded Software, IoT, Cloud Integration, GIS apps, Platform development (like BI), QA and Automation, Web & Mobile apps, Native Mobile apps, across a wide range of industries, including medical, telecoms, networks, time-sharing, data storage, military, aviation, and automotive.